The woes of hair shedding, means finding strands of your hair all over your furniture, your clothes and other random places. Hair shedding can be embarrassing, frustrating and let’s face it the extra vacuuming isn’t fun either! 

While it’s not unusual to lose strands of hair, there are reasons why hair shedding happens. If you’re familiar with a tub shroom (the nifty apparatus that catches hairs as their flow down the shower drain to prevent clogging), you’ve liked asked yourself the following questions: “why is my hair shedding?” Or, “is the amount of hair I’m shedding normal?” In today’s blog post, we’re going to explore the reasons you’re shedding hair, how to deal with hair shedding, and how to stop hair shedding. 

Why is my hair shedding?

What is your hair really trying to tell you when it sheds? Just for clarity, there is a difference between hair loss and hair shedding. The good news is that on some level, hair shedding isn’t always something to worry about. In fact, on average a person loses 50-100 hairs per day, which is totally normal. And since we have 150,000 hairs total on average, this means normal hair loss is less than 1% of the strands on our heads. The life cycle of your hair has phases where it grows, rests, and sheds. 

If it’s wash day or the first time you’re detangling in a week then expect to lose way more than 50-100 hairs in a week and this is completely normal. However, if you detangle regularly there won’t be an accumulation of hair shedding. 

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